If you want to actively help raise funds for the beneficiaries or the Foundation, e.g. by organizing your own event - the information below is just for you!

The Rakiety Foundation promotes cancer prevention and supports its clients at every stage of their treatment. One form of such help is organizing collections for Emergency Fund, non-reimbursable medicines or treatments to strengthen the body during chemotherapy. We do everything to support not only sick people, but also their families and loved ones.

Fundraisers organized by family, friends, co-workers or the local community provide not only material or financial help, but also... showing direct support the patient on his way to health. Wanting to support such initiatives as much as possible, we offer our help at every stage of planning and implementing the collection.

How can I help?

  • Organize a one-time fundraiser on Facebook [instructional video coming soon)
  • Organize the collection in the form of a bidding group  [tutorial with tips coming soon]
  • Organize an event – offline event such as a charity fair, ball, picnic, run, workshops

We will help you organize your event.

You can count on us in matters including:

  • help with development of graphic materials (graphic support in preparing patterns of posters, leaflets, T-shirts, business cards, all other graphic materials - however, it is important for us to report such a need in advance)
  • event promotion (sharing the event on our social media profiles, in the Friends of the Foundation group, in the Foundation's newsletter), if possible, distribution of leaflets
  • providing cans to carry out the collection (preparation of taped, sealed cans; familiarization with the rules of public collection, method of donation and withdrawal of donations)

The Rakiety Foundation has permanent consent to organize public collections, so anyone who wants to actively help raise funds for a specific person under their care, or for the Foundation itself, can do it in cooperation with us.

  • presence of the Foundation at your event (preparing a foundation stand equipped with cans/equipment for cashless payments, conducting auctions/fairs, workshops for children, health and preventive workshops). We make the decision about the foundation's participation in the event each time based on the calendar of events and team capabilities.

Necessary documents to download

Materials to download

So where to start?

Read the information and tutorials above, and if you still have questions, contact us and we will tell you how to implement your idea in the most effective way!

Regarding online promotions: [email protected] 884 821 952

Regarding organizing collections for cans (public collections):  733245555

Regarding offline events: [email protected]  575 969 111