Are you a person suffering from oncology? Is your loved one sick and you feel like you can't cope with it? Did you know that an appropriate diet not only supports the body in fighting disease, but also supports mental immunity and has a healing effect on many diseases? Don't delay and take care of your health and well-being.

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Aleksandra Cabała: [email protected] 733245555

Consultations for oncology patients and their loved ones are free ❤

  • The consultation lasts about 45 minutes and takes place via Zoom, but telephone contact is also possible
  • Before the consultation, it is worth preparing the latest/up-to-date blood test results


Emilia Kałędkiewicz

Doctor of health sciences from the Medical University of Warsaw. Clinical dietitian with many years of experience in working with oncology patients. She is a member of the Polish Association of Dietetics and the Polish Union of Oncology. Author of many years of research on the impact of nutrition on the occurrence and development of breast cancer in women in cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw.  

The author of many scientific articles published in many Polish and international medical publishers, and her experience in this field includes cooperation with the Polish Press Agency, the National Institute of Public Health, the Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology, the Academy of Psychology and Leadership, Radio Czwórka, as well as with publishers of such items as Oncology in Clinical Practice, Advances in Phytotherapy, Family Medicine Forum, Oncology Patient's Guide.
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