Our story

The foundation was created thanks to friendship. Maja, the founder of the Foundation, met Michał during her work at the "National Competence Center" Foundation. The family of this energetic boy asked for help in raising money for the treatment of bone cancer and a prosthesis. To respond to the family's request, Maja faced an important task - to persuade the rebellious Michał to undergo treatment. This is how their friendship began. In the meantime, during her volunteering at the oncology ward, Maja got to know many patients, their problems and needs. She also made friends with young Bartek, who shared his experiences, observations and desires. As a response to the dreams of Michał and Bartek, Maja founded the Find Help Foundation, which merged with the United Way Polska Foundation in 2018. In 2021, the foundation changed its name to the Rakiety Oncological Foundation.

About us

We are people for people. We support people suffering from cancer and their loved ones. We can dream, act actively and constantly look for new solutions. We know that any of us can get sick, so we are close to those who need support at a given moment. We offer specialized assistance from specialists: psychologists, psycho-oncologists, psychiatrists and onco-dietitians. we share knowledge about the disease and its treatment, help in choosing medical facilities, organizing transport, raising money and meeting the basic needs of patients and their loved ones.

Our mission is to help people with cancer and their loved ones - from the onset of the disease to its cure, while engaging and connecting local communities and the business world. We want to be there for those people who, due to their place of residence, psychophysical conditions or life situation, did not receive any support in their illness.

100% of the money donated goes to our beneficiaries. We do not charge any fees or commissions.

Our values are:

  • transparency
  • openness
  • orientation towards other people
  • professionalism
  • engagement

contact us

Maja Surowicz-Biłyj
President of the Management Board
Founder of the Foundation
Weronika Błaszczyk-Pić
Representative of the Foundation's Management Board
Katarzyna Kąkol
Office Director
Aniela Filipek
Assistant to the President / Social Specialist
Aleksandra Cabała
Aleksandra Cabała
Social Department Coordinator
Julia Kamińska
Social specialist
Joanna Niewolik
Coordinator for the Holistic Approach to Health
Bela Marut
Director of the Social Projects Office
Agnieszka Grzesiak
Social Projects Coordinator
Anna Krysiak
Social Projects Coordinator
Mateusz Karczewski
Director of Business Cooperation and Events
Paulina Oraczewska
Paulina Oraczewska
Coordinator for Fundraising and Cooperation with Individual Donors
Anna Żuchniewicz
Communication Coordinator
Rafał Biłyj
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Aleksandra Ochlik
Parental leave
Agnieszka Nitka
Parental leave
Marzena Miazga-Mazur