Are you a cancer survivor? Regardless of what type of support you need - also you can become our mentee.
We approach each person individually, holistically and comprehensively.

Our patients after illness we offer free of charge

  • providing a subaccount (without any commission) and support in raising funds for rehabilitation,
    supporting the body after illness, painkillers, etc.
  • assistance in accessing additional rehabilitation consultations
  • contact with specialists: psycho-oncologist, psychiatrist, oncodietitian, sexologist
  • information about possibilities professional activation
  • support in the form of donations in kind as part of cyclical campaigns

We also organize regular events for our clients:

  • in March, Beauty in Cancer on the occasion of Women's Day - workshops, lectures and gifts
  • Children's Day in June - gift packages
  • in September First Bell - collection of gifts and stationery for oncology facilities
    and our young pupils of school age
  • in December, Letters to Santa Claus - we organize gifts for the youngest children under the Christmas tree

Thanks to cooperation with the company Navera and portal our students
have the opportunity to receive regularly free plant protein.

If you are a person close to the patientlook HERE

If you are suffering from cancerlook HERE (link to I am suffering from oncology)

How to become a beneficiary of the Foundation?

  1. Fill in application form below.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours (72 hours on weekends) to determine your needs.
  3. We will ask you to send medical documents confirming the oncological diagnosis. After verifying them, we will enroll you in the database of our clients.
  4. If it is necessary to provide a sub-account, we will ask you to sign an Agreement with the Foundation (in person or by letter).

That's all, see you soon!

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