What you feel right now is helplessness? Do you feel that you lack medical knowledge? You don't know how to start a conversation and behave in the presence of a sick person? It's natural, you are in a new situation.
That's why we offer you the following solutions:

  • providing a subaccount
  • Take advantage of the available knowledge base on our website
  • Take advantage of psychologist's advice
  • Join our I Help Responsibly Program, which will teach you how to cooperate with a person affected by the disease
  • contact us – we are here to help you

Take advantage of the support of an HR specialist

Magdalena Kamińska

HR manager with over 30 years of experience in the HR department at the pharmaceutical company GSK.

Currently, she works at the Foundation as a volunteer.

In her professional work, she has learned about all areas of HR - from formal ones, including knowledge of labor law, creating and implementing regulations and policies, to topics related to employee relations, among others. conducting processes to clarify complaints.

In cooperation with external suppliers, she organized health promotion campaigns for employees, conducted workshops for managers and employees on selected aspects of labor law, communication between managers and employees - e.g. "How to communicate with an employee/employer in the event of absence due to illness". She coordinated the process of implementing a health program by the employer, which was aimed at supporting people with cancer at work.

Magda says about herself: “The most important thing to me is always people. Working with people gives me the most satisfaction, I like to share my experience and that is why the mission of the Rakiety Oncological Foundation is very close to me.”

If you have questions about employment, functioning at work during treatment for cancer, or if someone close to you is facing this type of problem, or if you employ a sick person, please contact us. We can arrange a free consultation with Magda, who will advise you on how to cope with such a situation and what your rights are.

contact via:
Aleksandra Cabała: 733245555, [email protected]