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Jędrzej Stolarczyk lekarz bólu

Jędrzej Stolarczyk, MD, PhD

A specialist in internal medicine, palliative medicine and pain management
He is a doctor and has been working with patients since 2012. He obtained his doctorate in medical sciences and the title of specialist in internal diseases in 2019. working at the Department of Rheumatology, Geriatrics, Internal Diseases and Clinical Immunology of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, where he had the opportunity to treat pain syndromes not only in the course of systemic connective tissue diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the elderly, but also resulting from various internal diseases. At the same time he cooperated with
West Pomeranian Hospice for Children and Adults Foundation, working with adult patients and children in a home hospice, palliative medicine clinic and enteral nutrition clinic. From 2019 deals mainly with palliative medicine. In 2018-2019. he was also on duty at the Neurological Rehabilitation Department of the Saint Charles Borromeo Rehabilitation Hospital of the Medical Institute. John Paul II in Szczecin, where he had contact with the specificity of pain in neurological diseases. In 2021 obtained the title of specialist in the field of palliative medicine, completing part of the internships at the Clinical Department of Palliative Medicine - Hospice "Palium" in Poznań. In 2021 completed postgraduate studies in law
medical and was appointed by the West Pomeranian Voivode to the Provincial Commission for Adjudicating Medical Events. He says about his approach to the patient: "my winding professional path has made me believe that a person (including a patient) is a whole that cannot be treated "piece by piece" and requires a holistic approach." Currently, he is the Medical Manager for adult patients of the West Pomeranian Hospice for Children and Adults Foundation. He deals with the care of patients in the field of palliative medicine, alleviating troublesome symptoms accompanying cancer and their treatment (e.g. chemotherapy) and treating pain syndromes in the course of various diseases.

He has completed many additional courses and training in the field of pain management, and specializes in pain pharmacotherapy, including treatment with hemp (medical marijuana).
He is a member of the European Association of Palliative Medicine (EAPC), the Polish Society of Palliative Medicine and the Polish Society for the Study of Pain. He also gives lectures and training for doctors in the field of pain management and palliative medicine.

Privately, as he says: "I am the father of two princesses, I am fluent in the unicorn language and at least a dozen different voices for reading fairy tales. If I have free time, I read books (lately I rather listen to audiobooks), preferably fantasy - from dragons and demons, through post-apocalypse, to interstellar travel or time travel.
More information on my Facebook profile – Dr. n. med. Jędrzej Stolarczyk – Painful doctor