The holistic healing process includes a wide range of activities and aspects that support achieving balance throughout the body, including body, mind and soul. Together, we look at all areas of life and look for opportunities to improve its quality or make changes that may translate into faster recovery. We also work on developing habits that support its maintenance.

To arrange a consultation with a specialist, contact us!

Aleksandra Cabała: [email protected] 733245555

Consultations for oncology patients and their loved ones are free ❤

  • The first consultation lasts approx. 90 minutes, the next approx. 60 minutes and takes place via Zoom, or telephone contact is also possible.
  • Before the consultation, please complete the questionnaire, which will be sent after arranging the consultation date.


Joanna Niewolik

Holistic wellness coach and EFT method trainer, passionate about a healthy and balanced lifestyle and nature therapy. Supports others in finding the path to full health. He has a deep belief that harmony between body, mind and emotions is the key to achieving the best results. That's why it's important to take care of each of these areas. She is interested in methods of working with emotions and various self-development techniques that allow us to discover our full potential and achieve balance in life.

Privately, a wife, mother of two inspiring young girls, friends with a chocolate Labrador. She loves discovering new places, new flavors, new opportunities, because life is a fascinating journey full of unknown corners and diverse experiences.