Have you had surgery and would you like to know how to properly care for the wound so that it heals properly? Or maybe you care for a sick person and would like to receive tips on preventing pressure sores?

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Anna Marzec

Nurse with 15 years of experience. Completed Bachelor of Nursing at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk. Currently, further education in Clinical Psychology at the Higher School of Vocational Education in Wrocław.
10 years of experience in hospital wards in England, 5 years of experience in the Intensive Cardiac Surveillance Unit, Neurology and Stroke Department at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Słupsk. Currently a Nurse in Long-Term Care and in the Education and Teaching Environment.

Help areas

  • How to care for a postoperative wound: what measures to use and what not to do;
  • Pre-medical assistance;
  • Education in the field of disease prevention and mental hygiene.