Houston, mamy procent do zebrania

Our Rockets need your help to complete the mission safely

What is the everyday life of cancer patients like? Every day they are suspended between illness and everyday life. That is why we decided to compare their struggles to the most difficult mission in the history of mankind - Apollo 13. The Apollo 13 crew members landed safely on Earth, thanks to the support of the crew and the ground base in Houston. Now it's time for our patients, who can complete their oncological mission and return to health, to their families and loved ones, only thanks to our joint support.

Space 2023 in a nutshell, we've done so much, but we still need rocket fuel for more!

  • We took 393 new clients under our wing.
  • As part of Pink October and Movember, we conducted 14 lectures and 28 actions such as group workshops and educational stands.
  • We provided 913 psycho-oncological consultations, 358 dietary consultations, 125 psychiatric consultations, 55 with a pain management specialist and 41 sexological consultations.
  • We gave dream Christmas gifts to 61 of our youngest clients
  • We donated 2025 to oncology wards and hospices. 

How to donate 1.5% and support our space mission?
There are many ways, but there is one goal.

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