The foundation was founded by three friends: Maja Surowicz, Marcin Jakubek and Aleksandra Urbaszek, who have been involved in activities for people suffering from oncology for years. Maja was also the president of the United Way Polska Foundation for 6 years, which she decided to merge with the Foundation to maximize activities for people suffering from oncology and their loved ones.

The Foundation's mission is to reach as many sick people in Poland (and their loved ones) as possible and provide them with comprehensive support, from the occurrence of the problem to its solution. The values of the Foundation are: transparency, openness, orientation towards other people, professionalism and commitment.

The Foundation operates in three areas: Health (we support people suffering from cancer and their relatives), Education (we educate in the field of cancer prevention), Social Assistance (we run sub-accounts and counseling for people suffering from cancer and their relatives).

The Foundation stands out:
– free financial support (we do not charge any fees or commissions for setting up and maintaining a subaccount);
– transparency of activities (100% of money donated by individual donors is transferred to the Foundation's beneficiaries);
– individual approach to each client;
– comprehensiveness of activities (psychological support, consultations with a dietician and lawyer, donations in kind, financial and other support, in accordance with the reported demand);
– immediate action after reporting a given problem (without additional formalities).

Anyone suffering from cancer can join the group of beneficiaries. Just complete the online form on the subpage I'm in the middle of an illnessand then send the necessary documents to the Foundation.

After completing the online form, the sick person receives information about joining the group of beneficiaries within 24 hours (Monday to Friday; up to 72 hours on weekends).

The Foundation finances its activities and administrative costs (such as employee remuneration, office maintenance, etc.) from the support of donors for the statute, transferred 1.5% to the foundation (apart from all payments, where the specific purpose is the ward) services dedicated to companies (such as preventive workshops, training webinars for HR departments on supporting sick people at work or teambuilding events) and obtaining grants.
In 2018, she also founded the not-for-profit social enterprise Change4Good, the entire proceeds of which support the foundation. The company is involved in, among other things, organizing events, implementing the Nikifory social program and operating the portal.

One of the Foundation's values is the transparency of its activities, including the transparency of the use of money in the organization. All reports are regularly published on the Foundation's website in the "Reports" tab. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions related to the way we operate.

Check the "I want to help" tab and choose the option that best suits your needs. Do you have another idea? Write to us!

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