Chronic cancer affects many areas of life, one of them is sexual activity. If you want to talk about the changes taking place here and ensure satisfaction with your sex life, consult a sexologist.

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Aleksandra Cabała: 733245555 [email protected]

Consultations for oncology patients and their relatives (partners) are free of charge. ❤

  • They take place stationary at our specialist's workplace (Katowice or Pszczyna) or by phone/online (WideoPortal ZnanyLekarz or Skype)


Dariusz Pysz-Waberski

It accepts adults, children and adolescents. I provide comprehensive sexological diagnostics and therapy for sexual problems. I also treat personality disorders and other dysfunctions and mental disorders using the psychodynamic psychotherapy approach. I cooperate with urologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists.

In addition to clinical and judicial work, I conduct research and teaching practice as an employee of three universities. The topics of research conducted largely concern the impact of cancer on the sexual life of patients.

I provide treatment under constant sexological and psychoanalytic care (supervision) with the supervisor of the Polish Sexological Association, who is a psychiatrist, sexologist, psychoanalyst and the president of the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association.

I sincerely believe in success and miracles. I love what I do and I don't like to call it work. I offer my help. He devotes himself fully to his patients. My advantage is a broad smile and friendly interest.

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